How Things Are Made is the improvisation-based trio of Matt Aelmore, David Bernabo, and Brian Riordan. The group has released over 38 records, collaborated with 12 guests musicians in an evening where 13 records were recorded, and commissioned 52 compositions from composers. Listen to all of their music here: 



Kuo / Bernabo is a duo of multi-instrumentalists Susan Kuo and David Bernabo, who integrate sound and movement in their live performances. As a duo, they have released four albums of improvised music, juxtaposing unexpected sonic palettes including mbira with bowed guitar and prepared harpsichord with electric organ. Kuo also melds sounds both acoustic and electronic through ongoing collaborations with producer Danielle Rager in the duo Diaphony (forthcoming album: MIRЯORЯIM) and with composer Brian Riordan in the duo ARBORANCE as heard on the album Canon’s Crossbow, and performs with the Pittsburgh Symphony as an alto/tenor in the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh. Bernabo is a documentary filmmaker and artist, regularly performing with the bands Host Skull and How Things Are Made, and as part of the dance ensemble Maree ReMalia | merrygogo.

Here their albums here:




Check the discography page for a complete list of solo work. Below are details on a few efforts.

the inn (CD, 2016)

More info here.


Deep Ecology (CD, 2015)

Deep Ecology was recorded at HEARCorp's storage facility in Pittsburgh, PA. The piano was mostly in tune and has a twangy tone more suited to rock 'n roll. Above the facility on a second floor, it felt like someone was bowling or moving large metal containers, but the resulting sounds provide some interaction with the  environment.  

Artwork and Design: David Bernabo // Musicians: David Bernabo (piano)

Palm Springs Tennis Courts (2x7", 2014)

When musician and artist David Bernabo began work on the Ongoing Box documentary, the project’s scope was twenty minutes of filmed studio experiments with motors, smoke, ice, and paper. Nine months later, the film exists as a 100-minute document of eight Pittsburgh artists’ studio practices, performance documentation, and interviews on their respective “processes”. With the film comes a soundtrack. While the film includes solo piano compositions and electronic pieces, the focus of the music is on solo and duo guitars. 

Palm Springs Tennis Courts, as the collection is called, is released on a unique, hand-cut double 7” set. The lathe cut records were cut by Future Oak Records and the album is released through Wild Kindness Records and Host Skull Ongoing Box, the object-oriented imprint of the band, Host Skull. Only 25 copies of the physical product will exist in the first pressing, but a digital download is also available. 

The tools to make the music also originate in Pittsburgh. The familiar, yet odd electric guitar pieces were composed on a handmade, double-neck guitar by Jeffrey Schrekengost. The one-of-a-kind instrument includes two fretless bass strings and three doubled strings on the top neck and eight strings on the bottom neck. The acoustic pieces, usually found in duo settings, were performed on a handmade guitar by luthier Raymond Morin (who also performs in the band Pairdown). Morin is found in the documentary, making a few guitars. 

Artwork and Design: David Bernabo // Musicians: David Bernabo (guitars, bass, percussion)

Yamsayore (7", 2014)

This collection of music was created for Maree ReMalia's THE UBIQUITOUS MASS OF US. Recorded at Woolslayer Traveling Studios, Pittsburgh, PA throughout 2013 and 2014. Lathe cuts pressed by Future Oak Records

Artwork and Design: David Bernabo, Maree ReMalia // Musicians: David Bernabo (voice, percussion, electronics, editing), Maree ReMalia (voice), Ella Mason (voice) 

Denver. Cody - Just A Minute (8", 2013)

Originally produced as a limited edition of 50 triangular lathe cut, this CSAPGH-backed project combines narrative and harmonized song over a percussion and electronic landscape. 

Art and Design by David Bernabo // Musicians: Raquel Winnica-Young (voice), David Bernabo (voice, electronics, percussion)