New Releases: HSOB015 and HSOB018 by David Bernabo


A collection of recordings made during David Bernabo's college years from 2001 to 2004. (Released 4/19/2017)



Four dancers, three camera persons, and a musician perform The Reduction, an evening-length dance piece that attempts to alter time, the role of the performer, and the role of the audience. Featuring choreographer David Bernabo, bassist Darin Gray, dancers Ru Emmons, JoAnna Dehler, Lauryn Petrick, and narrator Lenka Clayton. (Released 4/25/2017)

Erik Cirelli & David Bernabo - Horrible Backbone by David Bernabo

Guitarist Erik Cirelli, who also plays in Host Skull, and I made a duo record. The limited edition CDR version is sold out, but digital downloads are available. 

Erik and I share thoughts about making the record on Recital, a new home for musicians to discuss music. 

I made a lot of videos last year . . . by David Bernabo

As Arts and Culture Editor for the The Glassblock, I did a lot of video editing. In fact, in the past year, we have published 63 videos. Since you may have this Monday off, take a tour through some of my favorites.


Happy Valentine's Day from How Things Are Made by David Bernabo

For everyone who asked for this record (someone needed to hear this, right?), it is finally here. The How Things Are Made Valentine's Special record. This is our kiss to you. 

NAT 28 Podcast: Art and Politics by David Bernabo

A few weeks ago, NAT 28, one of the newer and awesome-r chamber ensembles asked me, alongside Curtis Rumrill and Gizelxanath Soprano, to join a round table discussion on the topic of art and politics. That discussion was captured as Episode 2: Art and Politics, embedded belowNAT 28 artistic director Zoe Sorrell hosts the discussion. Take a listen below.

How Things Are Made: Episode 8 by David Bernabo


Brian Riordan, Matt Aelmore, and myself, the trio that is How Things Are Made, changed locations for this one. In Brian's basement, we added Rhodes electric piano and bass to our usual mix of trumpet and processing. We would totally have a record deal with this one if it was 40 years ago.

HOW THINGS ARE MADE, our seventh album, now released by David Bernabo

How Things Are Made is the trio of Brian Riordan, Matt Aelmore, and myself. We just released our seventh record called Episode Seven: Kayaks, Safety Boots, Electronic Signs, Cereals. Take a listen below.