slants / take away the mountain (NYC, 2013)
The Reduction

The Reduction
by David Bernabo
An evening length movement work

Mario Ashkar (+ videography)
Lenka Clayton
JoAnna Dehler
Ru Emmons-Apt
Darin Gray
Heather Mull (+ videography)
Lauryn Petrick
Stephanie Tsong (+ videography)

This work is both a culmination of 14 years of work in music, art, film, and dance and the first attempt to combine those efforts into a formal theater work. This work deals with various layers of realities, simulations, and perspectives. We are looking at how context, time, and positioning alters how an image, an action, or a sound is interpreted. By using improvisation, use of shared choreography generation, non-performer interference, we are looking at definitions of authenticity and ownership, controls within systems, and how formal considerations within “theater” can extend into the “real” world.

Knuckle Press

Choreography: Jil Stifel
Sound: David Bernabo
Performance: David Bernabo and Jil Stifel
Video: Ivette Spradlin
2nd Camera: Dan Scullin
Kelly Strayhorn Theater May, 6 2015

The Ubiquitous Mass of Us

Maree ReMalia |
The Ubiquitous Mass of Us
New Hazlett Theater CSA Performance Series

Performers: David Bernabo, Joseph Hall, Taylor Knight, Paul Kruse, Adil Mansoor, Moriah Ella Mason, Maree ReMalia, Jil Stifel, Anna Thompson
Sound Design: David Bernabo
Set Design: Blaine Siegel
Costume Stylist: Rachel Vallozzi
Text Excerpts: Gaston Bachelard, Corydan Ireland, Deborah Jowitt, Nicole Krauss, Starhawk, Elizabeth Streb and the performers
Lighting Design: Katie Jordan
Videographer: Jeremy Fleishman
Video Editor: Paul Kruse
*This project has been supported in part by New Hazlett Theater CSA Performance Series, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (a state agency), The Heinz Endowments Small Arts Initiative and Kelly Strayhorn Theater Fresh Works Residency and PearlArts Studios Salon Series.


with Maree ReMalia | merrygogo
09/27/2014 // Miller Gallery // "proximal/gutteral"
06/14/2014 // New Hazlett Theater // "The Ubiquitous Mass of Us"  
03/13/2014 // PearlArts Studios // "The Ubiquitous Mass of Us"  
11/01/2013 // The Alloy Studios // "The Ubiquitous Mass of Us"  
08/25/2013 // The Current Sessions at The Wild Project, NYC // "slants revisited/take away the mountain" 
08/23/2013 // The Current Sessions at The Wild Project, NYC // "slants revisited/take away the mountain" 
06/15/2013 // New Hazlett Theater // "slants revisited/take away the mountain" 
05/11/2013 // The Alloy Studios // "slants revisited/take away the mountain" 
04/26/2013 // 937 Liberty Gallery // "The Ubiquitous Mass of Us"  

with MODULES (link to MODULES list)
08/13/2015 // New Hazlett Theater // "The Reduction"
06/20/2015 // Dreamland, Louisville KY // "MODULES 13"
05/18/2015 // The Space Upstairs // "MODULES 12"
03/20/2014 // PearlArts Studios // "MODULES 11"
09/21/2013 // Wood Street Galleries // "MODULES 10"
05/25/2013 // The Space Upstairs // "MODULES 09"
01/25/2013 // 937 Liberty Gallery // "MODULES 08" // Bernabo/Short/Stifel (movement)
04/14/2012 // Kelly-Strayhorn Theater // "MODULES 05/UTOPIA" // Host Skull (music, movement)
03/16/2012 // 707 Penn Gallery // "MODULES 04" // Host Skull (music, movement)
03/09/2012 // 707 Penn Gallery // "MODULES 03" // Host Skull (music, movement)
11/17/2011 // Wood Street Galleries // "MODULES 02" // Host Skull (music, movement)
11/05/2011 // Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester NY // "MODULES 01" // Host Skull (music, movement)

with Gia T. Presents
03/30/2013 // Wood Street Galleries // "The Frequency of Structure and Flow" 
03/29/2013 // Wood Street Galleries // "The Frequency of Structure and Flow" 
03/31/2012 // Wood Street Galleries // "Blink"
03/30/2012 // Wood Street Galleries // "Blink"

with Others
09/22/2012 // The Alloy Theater // Rafael Abreu-Canedo (woodworking) / David Bernabo (movement) / Taylor Knight (movement) / David Pellow (upright bass)
09/15/2012 // Mark Mallman's Marathan Four // David Bernabo (electric guitar)
08/17/2012 // Private Studio // "Performance" // David Bernabo (movement/voice/guitar) / Emily Walley (movement/voice)

MODULES 10: Archive (2013)

The piece was created for three camerapersons + 1 solo dancer. The piece deals with the role of archiving in creative work or performance - the accompanying stress, the need for documentation in a grant-based art economy, the expense, and the added time required to adequately document.

The piece was performed at Wood Street Galleries on September 21, 2013 as part of the Lightlab Performance Series. The participants were:
David Bernabo (movement)
Garret Jones (camera/movement)
Heather Mull (camera/movement)
Gordon Kirkwood (camera/movement)

Thank you to Murray Horne, Taylor Knight, Amy Staggs, the staff at Wood Street Galleries, Maree ReMalia, Jil Stifel, and Anna Thompson.

slants revisited/take away the mountain (2013)

This premiere performance is the third project in the slants series through which Maree ReMalia | merrygogo is continuing to make collaborative work in 2013. This duet draws from the solo slants revisited for 1. These works both experiment with material and explorations used in the creative process for the original duet, slants, which Maree created through the PearlArts Studios Artists-in-Residence Series (2012-2013) in collaboration with Korean movement artist, Hyunjung Lee. The original duet offers source material to explore the endless iterations through which movement and themes can evolve in the development of existing work. The original slants duet is a playful amalgamation where the creators demonstrated their multi-layered experience in each passing moment. Their abstracted expressions drew from everyday encounters and their influences in traditional Korean dance, classical ballet, Africanist forms, contemporary dance, and the Gaga movement language. Through slips of the absurd and flashes of introspection, the ever-shifting montage revealed the range of the duo’s relationship from their comedic banter to living with Korean han (an inherent “soulful sadness” or “perseverance”).

Hear/Now Performance Series
The Alloy Studios, Pittsburgh, PA

Performed by David Bernabo and Maree ReMalia
Text by David Bernabo

slants / take away the mountain (NYC, 2013)
slants / take away the mountain (NYC, 2013)