Jeff Berman and David Bernabo Mud Mask (HSOB) buy
David Bernabo
Opera XI-XV (HSOB) buy
David Bernabo with Zoe Sorrell
Eating & Working & Eating & Working (soundtrack) (HSOB) buy
Jagtime Millionaire "Struttin' Rag"/"The Silver Swan" (self-released) engineering buy
Kuo / Bernabo
Fallow Moraine (HSOB) buy
Kuo / Bernabo
Sign Sigh (HSOB) buy
Kuo / Bernabo
Screen Grass (HSOB) buy
Patrick Breiner + David Bernabo In The Space Of An Actual Infinity (HSOB) buy
Paulina Michels + David Bernabo
False Pattern On Ice (HSOB) buy
How Things Are Made S03E11: Karris, Sherman (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S03E10: Baltzer (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S03E09: Krishnamurti, Myers-Brooks, Powers, McGough (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S03E08: Schwartz (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S03E07: Boyd, Murphy, Livengood, Li (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S03E06: Matthews, Lilly, Wysocki (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S03E05: Tipp, Cirelli, Iaamuri (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S03E04: Lewis  (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S03E03: Weston, Rectenwald, O'Brien, Felixbrodt  (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S03E02: Spitzfaden, VanderMolen, Rickard, {AN} Eel  (self-released) buy


David Bernabo Opera V-X (HSOB) buy
David Bernabo
Wild Wasting Treeward 4xCD (HSOB) buy
David Bernabo
The Face of the Deep (HSOB) buy
David Bernabo
Step Down Toomey (HSOB) free download
David Bernabo
Opera I-IV (HSOB) buy
David Bernabo
Infinite Game (HSOB) buy
David Bernabo
DB In College (HSOB) buy
Erik Cirelli/David Bernabo Horrible Backbone (HSOB) buy
Fatal Familial Insomnia s/t (self-released) buy
Host Skull Destruction (HSOB) buy
How Things Are Made S03E01: He, Hennies, Kirchoff (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E13 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E12 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E11 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E10 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E09 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E08 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E07 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E06 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E05 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E04 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E03 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E02 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
S02E01 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
How Host Skull Is Made (single edit) (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
How Host Skull Is Made (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
Season Finale Part II, Episode 13 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
Season Finale Part I, Episode 12 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made Episode 11 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
Episode 10 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
Episode 9 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
Valentine's Special: How Love is Made (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
Episode 8 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made Episode 7 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made Episode 6 (self-released) buy
Pairdown  Reach to Ring electric guitar solo (self-released) buy 


David Bernabo The Inn (HSOB) buy
IO Merit (HSOB) buy
Philip Thompson Separate Self voice (Parma Recordings) buy
How Things Are Made Episode 4 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
Episode 3 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made
Episode 2 (self-released) buy
How Things Are Made Episode 1 (self-released) buy


David Bernabo Deep Ecology piano, engineering (HSOB) buy
Kelly Miskis and David Bernabo Shadow Play engineering, voice, multi instruments (HSOB) buy
Nathan Hall Ghost Light piano buy
tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE 1975-2015, 12 selections from 40 years piano/keyboard on "RonDodo"


Various Artists Listening Room curation, mastering (HSOB) buy
David Bernabo
Palm Springs Tennis Courts 2x7" guitars (HSOB) buy
David Bernabo Yamsayore 7" electronics/voice (HSOB) buy


Host Skull Black Mark multi instruments/voices (HSOB/Wild Kindness Records) buy
Host Skull A Man/Woman is a Lovesome Thing multi instruments/voices (Wild Kindness Records) buy
David Bernabo Denver. Cody - Just A Minute 8" electronics/voice (PGHCSA) article buy
Ezra Noble
Machete Arm wurlitzer/guitar solo link buy


Pairdown Aesthetic Guitar mixing buy
David Bernabo
Hexagon 8" classical guitar link review buy
David Bernabo
MXII piano buy
DJ Responsibililty "Supper Collider" synth buy


Host Skull Totally Fatalist lp multi instruments/voices (Antephonic) buy
Host Skull
Fourth River multi instruments/voices (Contraphonic) buy
Chad Sipes Stereo
Less Than or Equal To accordion/wurlitzer buy
Action Camp "Warpaint (David Bernabo Remix)" remix  buy
David Bernabo
"Ill Wind" Ball Hall compilation guitar
David Bernabo "In Hell" 11-14-2011 compilation guitar/vocals (My Idea of Fun) buy


[Video Game Soundtrack] Rock of the Dead guitar/bass/arrangements/engineering
David Leicht and Raymond Morin
Petrifidelity engineering/mixing
Rhona Byrne "Collective Assembly" voice/engineering info
DJ Responsibility
Continuous Struggle multi instruments/voices buy
DJ Responsibility
Formalism multi instruments/voices review
Aaron Jentzen
Great Inventors piano
David Bernabo
Tarelkin's Death guitar/voice


David Bernabo + Assembly Happener-Magicker multi instruments/voice buy
Nathan Hall + David Bernabo
s/t guitar/engineering/mix buy


David Bernabo + Assembly Mahler Box multi instruments/voice
The Friction Brothers
s/t executive producer link
Jack Wright & Alban Bailly
The Harmony of Contradictions executive producer
Alia Musica Pittsburgh
Premiere engineering/mix link
Daryl Fleming
The Blockhouse and Bloodhound Sessions piano/engineering
Jenn Gooch
Gift Horse engineering/mix
John Berndt
The Private Language Problem executive producer
Flotilla Way
s/t engineering/mix
[Video Game Soundtrack]
Critter Round-Up guitar/arrangements/engineering


David Bernabo Assembly multi instruments/voice
David Bernabo
Graphic Scores multi instruments/voice
David Bernabo
McQueen Bear multi instruments/voice
Boca Chica
Transform Into Beasts guitar/accordion/keys/engineering
Initiation of the Pulse multi instruments/voices/engineering
Ninth Ward s/t piano/rhodes/synth


David Bernabo Word Roses multi instruments/voice
s/t wurlitzer
Vale and Year
Famous Fights multi instruments/voice


Vale and Year Cardinal multi instruments/voice
Vale and Year
Civil multi instruments/voice
Vale and Year
I'm So Fast EP piano/voice
Vale and Year
Field Recordings Vol. 2 vibraphone/percussion/voice


Vale and Year Holy Music and Art multi instruments/voice
Vale and Year
Create A Perfect History multi instruments/voice
Vale and Year
Field Recordings Vol. 1 percussion
Back Roads piano/rhodes/organ/banjo