Over the years, I have taken on paid projects ranging from video and album production to art commissions. I am interested in doing more of those things. If you have an idea, feel free to send me a note.

Clients include PPG, Mattress Factory, Center That Cares, Table Magazine, Nazareth Prep, and others.


Mattress Factory

A short doc and four short artist profiles for the Artists in Residence exhibitions at the Mattress Factory museum.


For chefs.cloud, I create a series of over 20 one-minute videos of Pittsburgh's favorite chefs making meals from their restaurants.

Nat 28

Short introduction videos for the Pittsburgh Composers concert.

Nazareth Prep

For Nazareth Prep, I created a number of videos detailing aspects of the student experience.

Jagtime Millionaire

For the musician Jagtime Millionaire (Raymond Morin), I created a series of performance videos showcasing the technique and lyricism of Morin's interpretations of ragtime tunes.

As the Arts and Culture Editor of The Glassblock, I have written essays and produced audio and video segments on a number of topics. Here are a few:

Close-Up Performance Series:
A video series utilizing two cameras and a stereo mic to document music, voice, and performance art.


Cooking Show:
A show highlighting interesting foods, cooked by chefs and home cooks in Pittsburgh.


Artist Talk Video Series:
An experiment with the artist talk format.


Photos collected from articles for The Glassblock.

Here are some additional projects:

412 Food Rescue Kickstarter Video
One of my favorite organizations is 412 Food Rescue, which organizes the transfer of unused food from various food distributors to those in need: housing authorities, community groups, shelters. "412 Food Rescue aims to fight hunger by collecting fresh, healthy food that would otherwise be discarded and directly distributing to community organizations that serve those in need." This video assisted 412 Food Rescue in raising enough money to expand operations by purchasing a refrigerated truck.


Small Change / cityLAB's Tiny House:
This video is an announcement video for Small Change's tiny house in Garfield. Over a few, fun weeks, I shot, edited, and created the music for this video. The house images were supplied by Small Change. From Small Change: "Located at 223 N. Atlantic Avenue, the tiny house is just a few miles from bustling downtown Pittsburgh and less than a mile from East Liberty, an increasingly desirable neighborhood full of restaurants, supermarkets, shops and startups. The tiny house is the first of its kind to be constructed within the City of Pittsburgh, filling a need for a new infill housing type to meet increased demand for housing, and creating opportunity for neighborhood economic development. The money raised in the offering along with other financing acquired by cityLAB, will be used to construct the tiny house."

Millie's Homemade Ice Cream Needs a Pasteurizer: 
This video was made for Millie's Kickstarter campaign. The video was shot in two sessions and completed within a five day span (I think). This was a blast. The ice cream is incredible. 


Chef Jessica Lewis and Chef Stephen Eldridge Kickstarter Videos: 
Both Jessica Lewis and Stephen Eldrige were selected to be two of the four chefs in the inaugural year of the Smallman Galley restaurant incubator. Both chefs asked me to create a Kickstarter video for them. I created the videos from footage from my in-process feature-length documentary depicting the first 18 months of Smallman Galley.


Emily Rodgers "Two Years" Music Video: 
I had the pleasure to make this video for Emily Rodgers and her band. This was the third video to be released from her album, Two Years.

I have also offered my services to help certain causes.

ART+FEMINISM Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
I collaborated with event organizer Alexandra Oliver to create this video to promote a Pittsburgh Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. The video included four different location shoots and a few edit revisions. I love the idea for this event!

Yes, I Can Go To School
My friend Santosh Gurlahosur co-founded TeenTaal, a group created to create social change through art. I collaborated with Santosh and film and music teams in India to create this music video. It's very beautiful cinematography. I can only take credit for the edit. To date, I hear that 60 toilets were built in rural Indian villages, enabling young women to attend school without the stigma of shame due to lack of facilities.