MODULES is a overarching composition that allows for individual and overlapping miniature pieces for music and dance. The structure was developed and performed in November 2011 at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY. Since the initial performance, MODULES has been performed 14 times in different venues with varying durations and participants.

Below is the current list of created MODULES:

Run Performers run between two objects, striking each object. Repeat cycle until exhausted.

Singing Permission Performers must sing in order to initiate movement. Singing must continue during the entirety of the movement. Long tones are preferred and should make up the majority of the singing, but other substitutions are allowed.

Solo Performer performs a solo for music, movement, or both.

Fourth River Walk Two performers perform “Fourth River” for movement and sound. Additional performers should mimic the movements of the two performers following the score.

Fourth River Run Perform the “Fourth River” musicial composition with dance. Dancers should create pattern and slowly distort dance until music stops.

Reposition If objects need to be moved, performers should move objects to final or temporary positions. Objects in temporary positions can be moved to the final or another temporary position. Repeat until all objects are in final positions.

Creature Using one or two supports (sticks, poles), perform a dance that is cold, emotionless, and grotesque. The performer should be reliant on the support and should do falls.

Alternate History Provide lecture on the history of Host Skull with varying degrees of accuracy.

Scenario 2 Provide audience with flashlights. Perform dance of either very slow or very quick movements. The only lighting should be from the audience’s flashlights.

Audience 1 Performers not involved in coinciding module(s) sit or stand perfectly still as if they are a parallel audience, watching the ongoing modules.

Recap/Precap Performer demonstrates the order of modules that have already occurred at that point in the show and the modules that will follow.

Sheet Music Performer performs musical piece using sheet music. At some point, a piece of sheet music should be revealed to the audience, revealing a blatantly non-musical image/symbol/etc.

Flashcard Performer shows card (front/back) that provides instruction to dancers and description to the audience (same message). After a few cards where the front and back are the same, a card will be shown with different messages for the audience and dancers.

Juggle/Optional Mirror Performer juggles. Options include a second performer using a long mirror to reflect the juggling to the audience. A second option includes other performers trying to knock the juggled objects from the juggling path.

Concert Film Performer sits intimately close behind a limited audience and performs music/spoken word. A live video feed transmits a close shot of the performer to a TV directly in front of the audience (no sound).

Band Ensemble performs as if the ensemble was a rock band.

Pedal Fetish Performer attaches all guitar pedals together, but inserts fruit and vegetables so the connections will not work.