Top 10 Most Played Songs on my iPod / by David Bernabo

Taking it back to my college days when I would post recent listens and most played lists on message boards. I only included the highest played song from a given record to add more variety. Also, a few trends. I have a lot of Snailhouse-related music on my iPod since Canadian imports are really expensive, so these records represent the handful of iTunes downloads that I purchased. Also, I really love that Z.Z. Hill song, so much that I listen to it in two ways, often.

1. Roberto Cacciapaglia: "My Time" from The Ann Steel Album (42 plays)

2. Snailhouse: "Bell" from A New Tradition (42 plays)

3. Joanna Newsom: "'81" from Have One on Me (40 plays)

4. Madvillain: "Fancy Clown" from Madvillainy (38 plays)

5. Michael Feuerstack: "The Hill" from Tambourine Death Bed (38 plays)

6. Roger Nichols and the Small Circle of Friends: "Don't Take Your Time" from s/t (32 plays)

7. Snailhouse: "The Shape I'm In" from Monumental Moments (31 plays)

8. Z.Z. Hill: "That Ain't The Way You Make Love" from Keep on Lovin' You (29 plays)

9. "Blue" Gene Tyranny: The Somewhere Songs from The Somewhere Songs/The Invention of Memory (27 plays) 

10. The Paper Kites: "Paint" from North (27 plays)