Golden Magnet, October Newsletter, Pt. 1 / by David Bernabo

October 2016, Part 1 / Golden Magnet

“Luckily, I archived all my Microsoft Word documents from 2001.” Yes, Host Skull’s David Bernabo is rather well-versed at archiving digital media. And lucky you are, because now the world will have proper album credits for an album that was thought to be lost to time.

The year is 2001. Local Pittsburgh chamber rock band Boxstep is making waves with their debut album and subsequent touring. Bernabo is graduating high school and starting a musical relationship with then-Boxstep’s and now Ninth Ward’s Eric Graf. The two are joined by then-Boxstep drummer and future (but now past) Vale and Year drummer Greg Cislon. Add eight more people to the mix. They meet in a former toy shop in Uptown over the course of a few months to piece together two lengthy, multi-part compositions. It is the height of post-rock (when post-rock still included a heavy jazz influence.) A certain someone is interested in plunderphonics and is not concerned about copyright laws. Someone has access to tubular bells and tympanies. A handful of people lugged an insanely heavy organ and an admittedly lighter vibraphone into a tiny elevator and dropped it off on the fourth floor. Everyone is playing and writing and recording as if there were no limitations.

This is the only album by the band IO, which was the temporary name given to the project. Temporary, because there was already an insanely good Pittsburgh band named Io, along with a handful of I/Os floating around stateside. This Golden Magnet/Ongoing Box split release marks the first time that this music is available and is actually the first time anyone outside of a small circle has heard the recordings. We hope you enjoy it!


In other Golden Magnet news, if you missed Sleep Experiments’ epic release show at Ace Hotel a few weeks ago, your life can still be salvaged by the sweet invention of recorded media. Passages, the gorgeous new album by Sleep Experiments is now available for ears of all sizes.


Golden Magnet will check in with you again later in October with a new music video. Stay tuned!

With much heart,
Golden Magnet