"However Crooked Genius": Research List #1 / by David Bernabo

However Crooked Genius is a new documentary film, currently in the very early planning stages. At a high-level, the film is about utopias and architecture. Beyond that, I have ideas, but am still in the research phase. To catalog thoughts so that I can return to them later, I’m making a list in this blog. While this is a public exercise, I’m hoping that lightly preparing these research sources allows them to sink in a little deeper than if I just kept them in my private notes. We’ll see.


Miriam D. Colt writes about the disappointment of Octagon City.

“MAY 13TH. -- Can any one imagine our disappointment this morning, on learning from this and that member, that no mills have been built; that the directors, after receiving our money to build mills, have not fulfilled the trust reposed in them, and that in consequence, some families have already left the settlement.

Now we all have come! have brought our fathers, our mothers, and our little ones, and find no shelter sufficient to shield them from the furious prairie winds, and the terrific storms of the climate!”



Chatham Village and the Garden City Movement

“It is in the Georgian Colonial Revival style. It was built to show that affordable housing for the working class could be attractive and safe, however it quickly became a middle- and upper-class neighborhood because it was so attractive.”

Stalker (dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979)

I’m making a documentary, but how can I stretch time?