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New Releases: HSOB015 and HSOB018 by David Bernabo


A collection of recordings made during David Bernabo's college years from 2001 to 2004. (Released 4/19/2017)



Four dancers, three camera persons, and a musician perform The Reduction, an evening-length dance piece that attempts to alter time, the role of the performer, and the role of the audience. Featuring choreographer David Bernabo, bassist Darin Gray, dancers Ru Emmons, JoAnna Dehler, Lauryn Petrick, and narrator Lenka Clayton. (Released 4/25/2017)

The Reduction Documentation Begins by David Bernabo

The task of editing the five cameras worth of footage from last year's The Reduction has started.

The Reduction
by David Bernabo

An evening length movement work
Mario Ashkar    (+ videography)
Lenka Clayton
JoAnna Dehler
Ru Emmons-Apt
Darin Gray
Heather Mull (+ videography)
Lauryn Petrick
Stephanie Tsong (+ videography)

This work is both a culmination of 14 years of work in music, art, film, and dance and the first attempt to combine those efforts into a formal theater work. This work deals with various layers of realities, simulations, and perspectives. We are looking at how context, time, and positioning alters how an image, an action, or a sound is interpreted. By using improvisation, use of shared choreography generation, non-performer interference, we are looking at definitions of authenticity and ownership, controls within systems, and how formal considerations within “theater” can extend into the “real” world.

Behind The Reduction: Darin Gray by David Bernabo

So, our first performance of The Reduction is fast approaching. I'd like to take a bit of time to talk about the piece and the people involved in its creation. I thought I would start with the person that I have known the longest, bassist and all-around great person, Darin Gray.


You may have seen/heard Darin recently as the bassist in TWEEDY, Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and son and friends, or his work in Chikamorachi with drummer Chris Corsano, or various shows with saxophonist Akira Sakata, Jim O'Rourke, Tyler Damon, and, of course, his duo with Glenn Kotche called On Fillmore.

On March 8, 2003, I met Darin at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. It appears that the internet can back this up. I was playing keys in the Pittsburgh band, Boxstep, and we were sharing a bill with On Fillmore. Azita, whose recent-at-the-time album I really loved, was headlining the evening. I remember Boxstep guitarist Daryl Fleming and I being really into Azita's set because there were traces of Steely Dan chording somewhere in there. Anyway, I knew of On Fillmore from Tim Barnes' Quakebasket label, but also knew of Darin and Glenn from the Jim O'Rourke Drag City records. I want to say that at that time, Tim had released their wooden box record and possibly the first non-box CD, which may have been split-released with Locust Records. (I could run upstairs to check, but I like not knowing everything. Also, the internet is a great place for wandering truths.)

Anyway, the On Fillmore set was wonderful! If I remember correctly, it was kit, vibraphone, and upright bass with no field recordings. Very rhythmic. Repetative. Shifting time signatures. Wonderful stuff. On Fillmore has since released a few more records, all wonderful, evolving, great sounding works. On the album, Extended Vacation, there is an Ives-ian sequence where a marching band crashes into the human birdcalls and dark vibes/bass. For that record, the duo played the Warhol Museum, and while I was out of town, we recorded an interview that is still online.  Later on, they also toured with Radiolab, providing sound for forty shows.

So, when I proposed The Reduction to the New Hazlett Theatre, it seemed like a good time to see if a collaboration was possible. As it turns out, it was! As with much of the show, I do not want to give much away, but here is a photo of preparations for the sound.

Darin has the ability to change his sound from project to project, but there are qualities that transcend the genre or the group. His playing is fully committed, and that commitment allows the music to really be something special.

Here are some of my favorite clips of a few of his projects and collaborations. For further listening, I would recommend Darin's solo album, St. Louis Shuffle, Jim O'Rourke's InsignificanceBrise-Glacé's When in Vanitas (sooo good!), Grand Ulena's Gateway to Dignity.

Loren MazzaCane Connors & Darin Gray live at Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, Indiana on March 4, 2000. A CD of this concert was released as "This Past Spring" on Family Vineyard, May 24, 2001. Filmed by CATS (Community Access Television Services).

A beautiful section from the Radiolab piece by On Fillmore with Sarah Lipstate from Noveller.

I'm really into the new Tweedy record. There is a great consistency in the songwriting, the production is cool, and I really like the live shows. Here's one of the live shows.

Sergey Letov, Chris Corsano, Akira Sakata & Darin Gray Moscow, 25-10-11

Hope to see you on August 13th for the show!