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Causal Loop Artist statement by David Bernabo

Causal Loop, an exhibit by David Bernabo and Blaine Siegel.

Below is my artist statement and information on the pieces and video credits for The Reduction. Thanks to the New Hazlett Theater for producing and supporting the performances of The Reduction.

When the photography bookstore, Spaces Corners, opened some years ago, I was exposed to a type of photography practice based on editing and positioning existing photographs. This introduction to the art of the edit caused a small shift in all of my artistic practices - I had loved editing music for hours and hours, but now the impact of editing took on a greater importance in my art, dance, and film work. For the works in the Causal Loop exhibit, I am essentially editing found (and bought) materials. Material is manipulated through painting and cutting, but positioning and context play a large role in the work. Positioning is responsible for indulging in representation like in "Judson", which pairs a blue wave-y piece of wood with a white and yellow plank, recalling a beach scene. These pieces play with context, using the actual weight of objects as functional assets and the perceived weight of objects as attempts at humor. 

With my filmwork moving into the sphere of activism and my music still preoccupied with harmonic experimentation, these installation pieces provide a quiet outlet for reflection. The pieces are simple to make and simple to set up, but the act of standing around them and witnessing their balance and impermanence provides me with deep relaxation. There is a physicality to the act of setting the pieces up and a serenity to witnessing their newly-gained balance.

Note: "The Reduction" is a three-channel video installation produced from footage from The Reduction, a dance work performed at New Hazlett Theater in August 2015 as part of the New Hazlett CSA program. The dance piece called for four dancers, three videographers, and a musician. The three videographers were instructed to film whatever was most interesting to them, which provided great documentation of the event, but also created inadvertent movement on stage. Many of my pieces in Causal Loop doubled as set pieces for The Reduction, exposing a previous life and function for these objects.

LUXURY BLOCK, wood, acrylic, 2016

JUDSON, wood, acrylic, 2015

MAXIMUM I, wood, acrylic, 2015

GENERATIVE HAMMER, wood, acrylic, 2016

LAND SLIDE, wood, acrylic, 2015

LOST BLOCKS, wood, acrylic, 2016

WOODSLED, wood, acrylic, 2015

MAXIMUM II, wood, acrylic, 2015

PLAUSIBLE LOOP, looping video, 2016

NEW FLOWER, wood, acrylic, found objects, 2015

NOW SEE-THRU, wood, acrylic, lightbox, 2015

THE REDUCTION, three-channel video, 2016
   Videographers: Heather Mull, Mario Ashkar, Stephanie Tsong
   Dancers: Ru Emmons-Apt, JoAnna Dehler, Lauryn Patrick, David Bernabo   
   Musician: Darin Gray
   Narrator: Lenka Clayton