Ongoing Box is an imprint incorporating the Ongoing Box Music, Book, and Film divisions. The imprint is primarily dedicated to projects involving Host Skull, David Bernabo, and friends. Founded 2011.


HSOB055: David Bernabo New Backyard (book)
HSOB053: Host Skull “Hell Pulled My Brain Awake” (single)
HSOB052: Wild Human (film)
HSOB051: Patrick Breiner + David Bernabo Words As Feelings

HSOB050: David Bernabo Car On Foot
HSOB049: Eating the Book of Job Grand Canyon
HSOB048: David Bernabo 6 New Songs
HSOB047: David Bernabo 7 New Songs
HSOB046: David Bernabo 10 New Songs

HSOB045: Moundsville (film)
HSOB044: David Bernabo Opera XXI-XXII
HSOB043: David Bernabo Much Is At Stake
HSOB042: Weidenhof/Breiner/Bernabo Cold Beets
HSOB041: In A Dark Wood (film)

HSOB040: David Bernabo A Cabin Halved
HSOB039: David Bernabo Drive Through (book)
HSOB038: Kuo / Bernabo Isle Forager
HSOB037: David Bernabo Opera XVI-XX
HSOB036: Patrick Breiner + David Bernabo In The Space Of An Actual Infinity

HSOB035: Paulina Michels + David Bernabo False Pattern On Ice
HSOB034: Site-Specific: A History of the Mattress Factory (film)
HSOB033: Kuo / Bernabo Fallow Moraine
HSOB032: Eating & Working & Eating & Working (film)
HSOB031: Eating & Working & Eating & Working Soundtrack

HSOB030: Kuo / Bernabo Sine Sigh
HSOB029: Kuo / Bernabo Screen Grass
HSOB028: David Bernabo Opera XI-XV
HSOB027: David Bernabo Wild Wasting Treeward
HSOB026: How Things Are Made How Host Skull Is Made

HSOB025: The Vacation (film)
HSOB024: Jeff Berman + David Bernabo Mud Mask
HSOB023: David Bernabo Opera V-X
HSOB022: David Bernabo The Face of the Deep
HSOB021: David Bernabo Step Down Toomey

HSOB020: David Bernabo Excavation (book)
HSOB019: Host Skull's Destruction
HSOB018: The Reduction (film)
HSOB017: David Bernabo Infinite Game
HSOB016: David Bernabo Opera I-IV

HSOB015: David Bernabo DB In College
HSOB014: David Bernabo Settlement (book)
HSOB013: Erik Cirelli and David Bernabo Horrible Backbone
HSOB012: IO Merit
HSOB011: David Bernabo Notes and Living Things and Diagrams and Finished Paintings and Scores | 2008-2016 (book)

HSOB010: David Bernabo The Inn
HSOB009: Food Systems, Ch. 1 and 2 DVD (film)
HSOB008: David Bernabo Deep Ecology
HSOB007: Kelly Miskis and David Bernabo Shadowplay
HSOB006: V/A Listening Room 4x7"

HSOB005: David Bernabo Palm Springs Tennis Court 2x7"
HSOB004: David Bernabo Yamsayore 7"
HSOB003: David Bernabo Tricia. Denver - Cody. 8"
HSOB002: David Bernabo Hexagon 8"
HSOB001: Host Skull Fourth River 7"