ongoing box imprint

Ongoing Box is an imprint incorporating the Ongoing Box Music, Book, and Film divisions. The imprint is primarily dedicated to projects involving Host Skull, David Bernabo, and friends. Founded 2011.


HSOB020: David Bernabo - Excavation (book)
HSOB019: Host Skull's Destruction (album)
HSOB016: OPERA I-IV (album)


HSOB018: the reduction (performance film)

Four dancers, three camera persons, and a musician perform The Reduction, an evening-length dance piece that attempts to alter time, the role of the performer, and the role of the audience. Featuring choreographer David Bernabo, bassist Darin Gray, dancers Ru Emmons, JoAnna Dehler, Lauryn Petrick, and narrator Lenka Clayton. (Released 4/25/2017)


HSOB017: DAVID BERNABO INfinite game

This is a living album of compositions associated with disasters and tragedies as a way of creating tangible (if sound can be tangible) artifacts that can be used as triggers for personal memory. Compositions will continually be created and added as long-term memories are required. (Released 1/4/2017)


HSOB016: DAVID BERNABO opera i-iv

In an effort to reconsider past music, Opera is an ongoing series of re-composition, dissecting previously made recordings and reconstituting them; thus, altering their original contexts, place, and, of course, sound. (Release tbd)



A collection of recordings made during David Bernabo's college years from 2001 to 2004. (Released 4/19/2017)


HSOB014: david bernabo SETTLEMENT

"An engimatic journey through an environment; mist, glacier, green fields. This is the first photo book from artist/musician/ filmmaker/writer David Bernabo." A photobook. 50 pages, printed on beautiful, heavy Mohawk Superfine Uncoated paper. (Released 11/1/2016)


horrible backbone

Longtime in the making, this duo record from Erik Cirelli (Host Skull, Emily Rodgers) and David Bernabo is an interesting mix of skronk, drone, and harmony. (03/03/2017)


hsob012: IO Merit

Recorded in 2001, this two track album was the first collaboration between Boxstep's Eric Graf and David Bernabo, prior to Bernabo joining Boxstep. Much of Boxstep's large ensemble plays on the record, especially Greg Cislon, who would form Vale and Year with Bernabo. (Released 10/11/2016)


hsob011: david bernabo notes and living things and diagrams and finished paintings and scores | 2008-2016

A monumental piece of documentation -- 230 pages, full color, hardback book -- collecting Host Skull scores, paintings, new drawings, band posters, and found notes and sketches. (Released 6/17/2016)


hsob010: david bernabo The inn

Starting with three hours of improvised drums, this is an album of beautiful, complex songs with a charmingly, homespun, heavily harmonized vibe. (Released 5/20/2016)


hsob009: david bernabo food systems, ch. 1: a night out & ch. 2: Dinner on the Farm

FOOD SYSTEMS is a four-part film project that documents the food ecosystem that exists in a city, which in this case is Pittsburgh. In the past few years, Pittsburgh has emerged as a foodie town, scoring notable magazine articles and James Beard award nods. There is a well-deserved praise of restaurants and chefs. It is exciting, but there are also other stories to be told. (Released 11/01/2015)


hsob008: david bernabo deep ecology

Limited to an edition of 100 CDs, this collection of Bernabo's piano improvisations veers between nostalgic folk and atonal clusters. (Released 8/23/2015)


hsob007: kelly miskis & david bernabo shadowplay/measure

Two songs created in collaboration over a weekend. (Released 5/19/2015)


hsob006: various artists listening room

Commissioned by curator Casey Droege, this limited edition 4x7" set created by David Bernabo compiles field recordings, new recordings, and interviews for an installation at the 2014 Pittsburgh Biennial. Featuring writer Yona Harvey, filmmaker Julie Sokolow, choreographer Maree ReMalia, and others. (Released 9/15/2014)


hsob005: david bernabo palm springs tennis courts

These guitar solos and duets, created on two handmade guitars by Raymond Morin and Jeffrey Schreckengost, soundtracked the Ongoing Box film. (Released 7/23/2014)


hsob004: david bernabo yamsayore

An intriguing mix of processed voice, percussion, and electronics create the stark score for choreographer Maree ReMalia's dance piece The Ubiquitous Mass of Us. (Released 6/14/2014)


hsob003: david bernabo tricia. denver - cody.

Created for CSA PGH, the now sold-out edition of this triangular lathe cut 10" consists of Raquel Winnia Young's voiced mixed with voice, percussion, and electronics by David Bernabo. This album's text tell of a world out of joint. (Released 8/13/2013)


hsob002: david bernabo hexagon

Now sold out, this hexagonal 8" lathe cut contains five pieces for classical guitar. (Released 9/28/2012)


hsob001: host skull fourth river

Created for Contraphonic's Sound Series, this piece for modular synthesizer, small chamber ensemble, classical guitar, vibraphone, and percussion charts the interpretations of myth and fact surrounding Pittsburgh's fourth river, an underground aqueduct. (Released 4/26/2011)