Tickets are now available for Wild Human! by David Bernabo


Get tickets here for $10.

Wild Human will be screened as part of Moon Party. Here’s what you get for that $10.

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with an adults-only lunar party!

Create – Use your galactic creativity to make futuristic art.

Discover – Stroll the galleries with a docent and hear stories that are out of this world.

Witness - Travel back to Earth and watch documentarian David Bernabo's latest film, Wild Human, which investigates how humans have replaced nature with representations of wilderness.

Dance – Space out with a live DJ and outdoor dance party in our courtyard! If we're lucky, we'll see a moon just starting to wane (the full moon ends on July 18).

Buy tickets early to save:

  • Adults: $10 ($15 at door)

  • Students: $5 ($10 at door)

  • Members: free

10 New Songs by David Bernabo


10 New Songs, the first of three, possibly four new releases, is out now. These are songs that were written during the recording process, generally quietly at night.

Two sets of lyrics from the album:


Rocks on a paint can
Or aerosol spirit
Painted on the wall, spirit
There’s a screen leaning
And something in my bed sheets, biting me.
I was destiny-ed
Where a darkness grew
A magnificent emptiness
If I only knew then what I thought I knew.


Ice in my old dog
Slipping through the stomach
Hanging out with acid
Melting into the lining of the long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long intestine.   


However Crooked Genius is a new documentary film, currently in the very early planning stages. At a high-level, the film is about utopias and architecture. Beyond that, I have ideas, but am still in the research phase. To catalog thoughts so that I can return to them later, I’m making a list in this blog. While this is a public exercise, I’m hoping that lightly preparing these research sources allows them to sink in a little deeper than if I just kept them in my private notes. We’ll see.


Download a trail version of sketchup and made some chapter headings and credit sequences.


Split Screen