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Naomi Draper at the Mattress Factory by David Bernabo

I’m very pleased with how this video turned out. We filmed in Boyce Park while Naomi was harvesting flowers for her installation at Mattress Factory. Camera/Edit/Music: me

Mattress Factory artist Naomi Draper finds materials for her work in nature. Here she collects Queen Anne's lace for her installation "Holding Fragments," which opens Friday, September 27, 2019 as part of "Factory Installed 2019."

10 New Songs by David Bernabo


10 New Songs, the first of three, possibly four new releases, is out now. These are songs that were written during the recording process, generally quietly at night.

Two sets of lyrics from the album:


Rocks on a paint can
Or aerosol spirit
Painted on the wall, spirit
There’s a screen leaning
And something in my bed sheets, biting me.
I was destiny-ed
Where a darkness grew
A magnificent emptiness
If I only knew then what I thought I knew.


Ice in my old dog
Slipping through the stomach
Hanging out with acid
Melting into the lining of the long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long intestine.   

OPERA XV-XX, a new record with a new video by David Bernabo


I have a new record out, OPERA XV-XX. It contains five new collages in the OPERA series. List here.

and there is a new video for “Opera XV” that you can watch here:

Wild Human, music score: Patrick Breiner by David Bernabo


Resting somewhere between documentary, tone poem, and podcast, the film Wild Human discusses how wilderness has been replaced by representations of nature and the wild. 

Throughout the film, much of the music is presented as live, improvised solo performances, filmed in areas that blur nature and city. Below is an unedited take from Patrick Breiner, performing an improvised piece on clarinet.

New Album: Jeff Berman + David Bernabo "Mud Mask" by David Bernabo


About a year ago, percussionist, vibraphonist, and dulcimer-ist Jeff Berman and guitarist David Bernabo made a duo record. Prior to making it, they were talking about making it for a few years. Then they made it, and talked about releasing it for a year or so. Now they have released it.

A trio show with bassist Matt Aelmore happened and, bam!, the record was released. Here it is.